I started with an internship while I was in college. I “worked for food.” If there was a job even remotely related to what I wanted to do … I took that job. I made contacts. Contacts that led to a variety of jobs in television and radio. I told anybody that would listen what I was looking to do “when I grew up”. It never ceased to amaze me how some of the very same people ended up calling me down the road to tell me about a project he/she was working on and want to know if I was interested.

In simple terms …
My college radio internship led to a job on the air at KCEO-AM in San Diego. While working at KCEO I interned at a local cable news channel and at the same time I was offered a job as at traffic reporter. (It paid my way through college.) The traffic reporter gig exposed me to the all-sports station that was looking to expand. The all-sports gig showed the local cable news channel that I could hang on the air. The local cable news hired me. The local cable news was owned by the same family that owned Prime Sports. Prime Sports noticed me doing local sports and this led to a job covering the Padres. The Padres job combined with the all-sports on my resume led to an audition at FOX Sports News. I have been with FOX Sports since October of 1996.

Be creative … use your imagination. Look beyond what might seem like a small opportunity … and see the great opportunity for exposure and contacts. And when you make those contacts, don’t be afraid to follow up. I meet hundreds of young people every year who tell me they want my job. I can count on one hand how many have actually picked up the phone and used the number I gave them … used the contact to open a door for a future in sports broadcasting.

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